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Buying meat online gives you easy access to grass-fed beef. People that try grass-fed beef for the first time always comment on its distinctly deep, earthy, beefy flavor. They also notice that it is very lean and does not have the greasy after-taste that is typical of cattle raised on grain and corn. Instead, the distinctive taste comes from the range of grasses and vegetation that cattle consume which gives the beef a unique flavor – as opposed to grain-fed meat which relies on extensive marbling.

Grass-fed beef is more healthful than regular super-market beef buy wagyu beef online because it is lower in calories and contains higher concentrations of healthy nutrients. Meat from cattle fattened on grain contains a great deal of intramuscular fat. This high fat content results in higher calorie content. Pasture raised cattle fattened on grass contains much lower levels of fat and is much, much leaner. Surprisingly, meat online stores provide much easier access to grass-fed beef than do local supermarkets or butcher shops.

Beef from grass-fed cattle contains more Vitamin E, more Beta-Carotene, more Omega-3 Acid, and more CL Acids than the grain-fed variety. These nutrients are clinically proven to control blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, bolster the cardiovascular system, promote healthier skin and vision, and lower the so-called bad cholesterol (LDL) levels. It is much better for you than the regular supermarket variety.

There are quite a few small operations that sell. Many of them own their own farms and are in the position to control all facets of production from husbandry to harvesting. Because of this, the farmers can ensure the cattle graze appropriately and eat the most nutritious vegetation and grasses. In addition, they can also directly monitor their herds to guarantee the origin of every steak and roast that is shipped from their farms. Their herds are not commingled with the herds from other ranches.

Another great benefit of small production, grass-fed ranches is that many operate environmentally friendly, organic farms. In many circumstances, cattle are not exposed to synthetic hormones, pesticides or antibiotics. Other farms which follow these guidelines, treat cattle humanely, and are also self sustaining may earn the USDA Organic certification if inspected by USDA inspectors.

Purchasing meat online is a direct consequence of the popular ‘farm-to-consumer’ trend. This approach involves producers controlling the farming, harvesting, processing, of their products and shipping it directly to the consumer while cutting out the middle man.