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Avoid troubles related to ISPM 15 regulations in your global shipping. Think further on. It is vital to know that essentially the ISPM 15 wood rules regulate merely international shipping of cargo that contains non-manufactured timber packing materials (too called solid wood packing material or simply SWPM).

Non-manufactured timer packing materials in respect 중국배대지 of global shipping utilizing ocean freight services are defined as “timber packing other than that comprised entirely of timber-based products like particle board,Guest Posting plywood, veneer, oriented strand board, wood wool, etc. that has been manufactured utilizing heat, glue, & pressure or a blend thereof.

The easiest way to keep away from problems related to the ISPM 15 rules is very soon don’t utilize non-manufactured timber packing materials in the international shipping. Pack your cargo with plywood, veneer, cardboard, etc. only or do not utilize timber in your packing at all. Utilize plastic shipping supplies.

When you pack your cargo for the global shipping by sea, bear in mind the following:

International shipping of merchandises packed in cardboard shipping boxes complies with the ISPM 15 regulations. You may perhaps order cardboards shipping boxes for the international ocean cargo shipment.

If you palletize your ocean contents, use merely ISPM 15 certified & stamped timber crates and pallets. Do not utilize any not-licensed raw timber packing materials in your global shipping.

Timber packaging supply, even entirely made of timber-based products, like particle board, plywood, oriented strand veneer or board that have been formed using heat, glue, and pressure or a mixture thereof must be considered amply processed to have eliminated the peril associated with the raw timber.

It is improbable to be infested by raw timber pests during its worldwide shipping. As a result should not be regulated & restricted by the ISPM 15 rules in the international shipping.

By means of plastic etc. packing materials in the international shipping that don’t contain timber, makes the international ocean cargo shipment an exclusion from ISPM 15 rules. Plastic pallets crates and cases of various sizes & forms for the global ocean cargo shipping are broadly offered on the market.

NOTE: The ISPM 15 regulations in global shipping with ocean freight services fall down into 2 key areas: the international shipping documents and international shipping itself that should be submitted to the ocean goods. What forms and types and how many credentials are required precisely for the international ocean cargo shipment differs from country to country.

If you self-pack a worldwide ocean cargo shipment using timber packing materials (for instance, use a service from a global ocean freight shipping company) then you must find out the exact ISPM 15 requirements by contacting an allied officials (customs for instance) at the destination or the destination country local consulate. Usually, a fumigation certificate must be adequate.