How to Use Google Analytics to Increase Traffic to Your Website

You can utilize Google Analytics as a tool to bring more visitors to your website. Google Analytics isn’t just used to track the sources of traffic and provide statistics on your website. Many people don’t realize is that you can utilize Google Analytics to analyse your website’s performance and boost your traffic which will bring more people to your website utm link builder.

In the beginning, you may want to be aware of Google Analytics and where it was created. In April of 2005, Google bought Urchin Software Corp. and was able to create Google Analytics. Google also bought and used Measure Map and integrated it into Google Analytics. Google Analytics shows quite a many statistics and is beneficial for website developers Internet entrepreneurs and marketers. Google did market it differently and also had an upgraded version of their most popular tracking software known as Urchin however, they ended this product on March 28th, 2012.

Google Analytics can not only track visitors who come from various websites. It tracks visitors from sites that are linked to by search engines social networks and those who visit the site from a direct route. It’s a fantastic piece of software, isn’t it? It’s free to download and use.

I’m sure there are many reports and guides available for Google Analytics such as how to utilize Google Analytics, what it is, etc. This article is distinct from all the others. This article will explain how you can boost your website’s traffic and will guide you step-by-step on how to incorporate these strategies on your site.

Analytics is an excellent instrument to determine where the visitors to your site are coming from. It can also provide more specific information and say the city where they reside which browser they’re using, and how long they’re on your site. These are all fantastic aspects to know about your website, however the primary things to examine and view to analyze using Google Analytics of your site include:

Summary of Traffic Sources This will let you know the number of people who have visited your site and what day they visited your website on. It also tells you the proportion of visitors that were direct or search engine-related and referrals, or even campaign. Analytics can also be used to determine how well your AdWords campaign is doing and whether it’s worthwhile to keep paying for the AdWords campaign.

Sources of Traffic > Traffic Sources Selecting this tab on the sidebar lets you find out which websites are directing to your website. It can help you determine where the traffic is coming from , so you can concentrate on putting your time and effort to the top-ranked websites.

Population > Audience > Geographics This lets you find out which countries your visitors come to your site and also what the average time span of their visit , among other data. This information can help you to determine which country you would like to promote your site to the most.

Make sure you keep looking at Google Analytics regularly for change of traffic patterns. However, this doesn’t mean that you should you should sit there for all day, waiting for something to change. Check it out once a week or so to analyze the statistics and determine which traffic sources you could concentrate on.

It is extremely helpful for you to find out which keywords your customers are using to find your site. In the Analytics dashboard, if you select Traffic Sources in the Search Engine section it will let you know which keywords users use to navigate to your website. This gives you an idea into the keywords you should work on as well as the keywords you’ve neglected.

Spend more time on those sites that provide you with more visitors.

This is among the most important actions you can take and one of the most essential actions you can take. If you are spending more time on websites that generate more traffic , and spend less time on websites which don’t bring you any traffic, you’re likely to surpass. In essence, you will eliminate websites that provide little traffic. This is similar to the Pareto principle, also called the 80/20 rule. It is also utilized to great effect by Tim Ferriss in The Four Hour Workweek. The rule states that 80percent of your traffic comes from the top 20% of websites that link to you.

To find out where your traffic is coming from and which websites provide the highest traffic, please take these steps:

Select the site you wish to track the statistics of on Google Analytics. Select the site you want to see stats for in Google Analytics dashboard. After you’ve done this, click on the Traffic Sources tab.

After that, after that, click on Sources after which click Referrals.

It is now possible to see all the websites that have referred you , and which ones are driving more traffic to you. It is also possible to determine the amount of time each user spends that is coming from the particular website and how many of them are new.

See which sites are outperforming each other and focus on the ones providing the highest amount of traffic. If Twitter has been generating the most traffic, you should start paying more attention to Twitter. If Facebook is superior to Google then concentrate more on Facebook.

Make sure you do more of what’s effective and less of what’s not effective!

Create content that is loved by your audience

See which content is currently popular with your viewers. Obviously, the content users already find useful and enjoy the most are likely to appreciate it when you create similar content. If you create more content that is well-known, it will draw more attention which will lead to more people sharing your content . This can result in even more people to your site.

Here’s how to determine what content is most loved:

To determine which pages are most visited on your website Go to Analytics. Analytics dashboard.

Select the tab Content the sidebar. Click on Site Content and All Pages.

Once you’ve completed this you will be able to see all the statistics on your website and which pages are most popular

Examine all stats. Create more similar content to those pages already well-known.

You could also design an online poll or survey to ask your users to select the they’d like to see on the website.

Create more content and articles that are popular

You can share your contents on social media sites that are well-known

Last but not least, it is important to post fresh content every day so where more people visit your website. If you are posting new content and articles during days popular with your readers you’ll surely witness an increase in the number of visitors to your site.