Crystal gazing and Synastry Similarity

Crystal gazing is investigation of zodiac signs while synastry is the manner by which two individuals of various signs act or speak with one another.

As we probably are aware each individual has brought into Jupiter conjunct Saturn synastry the world with specific qualities. These attributes characterize nature of each and every person. It is seen that ever individual is governed by specific planets and center components from the nature. These planets and explicit components choose your attributes. At the point when an individual is conceived a guide of the sky is made. It depends on the places of planets and stars. Since our season of birth is unique, every one of the places of planets and stars likewise vary in the event of each and every individual. It is said that our guide commonly known as natal outline has a few abilities which structure a security with one another when we speak with one another. This bond can be called as synastry similarity.

Synastry or crystal gazing similarity test is performed by matching planets of one’s graph to other. This correlation yields a score that addresses how well you both match one another. Each planet has a few abilities which can be benefited to the individual, who has them in his natal diagram.


Venus is straightforwardly related with feelings, wants, fulfillment and love life. Couple who has Venus in their natal outline has more grounded and durable love life.


Jupiter is connected with positive methodology of an individual. An individual with Jupiter in his diagram has parcel of positive energy dealing with his brain. They pick just beneficial things and let turn sour things that can hurt them. He knows that in the end great successes over evil. They are additionally admirer of beneficial things.


Mars addresses our inward impulses. It is connected with your sexual cravings. Individuals who have damages in their natal diagram are not actually into connections but rather that direction is more towards joys. This can be exceptionally useful on the off chance that such individuals are in marriage as they can fulfill their own and their accomplice’s longings. This will reinforce the connection between the couple.


Saturn addresses the life span in a relationship. Individuals, who have Saturn I their outline, lead great serious relationship. They might find it hard to commit at prior stage however soon they will change with circumstance and begin serious relationship.


Ascendant is connected with how a singular communicates his thoughts. Individuals who have ascendant in their graphs are more expressive regarding their non-verbal communication. They have kind of attraction in their body.


Assuming the planet of one individual has combination with planet of his accomplice then it shows great relations between them. The resistance can bring out fascination or rivalry. Sextiles and thirds show the changing capacities of two people for one another.