Buying A Snooker Cue For Yourself

Learning the rules of snooker is not as hard as many people may think. This cue sport has become increasingly popular in many parts of the world and is also followed on a professional sporting level by many people who love to watch matches and tournaments. For those that want to learn how to play the game for themselves it is important to learn the rules of snooker as well as to develop the skill required to play the game properly.

In the game of snooker each of the different balls that are used in the game (there are 22 in total) apart from the white one is worth a certain number of points. The points for the different balls are as follows:

Red balls: 1 point each
Yellow ball: 2 points
Green ball: 3 points
Brown ball: 4 points
Blue ball: 5 points
Pink ball: 6 points
Black ball: 7 points

Under the rules of the game each player has to World snooker championship prize money  use the white ball to pot one of the red ones, and if they do this they are able to continue to try and pot a coloured ball. The coloured ball then has to be taken out of the pocket again and put back on the table.

Each time a player pots a red in snooker they can try and pot a colour, which is then returned to the table. However, once all of the reds have been potted and only the coloured ones are left the player then has to pot each of colours in order of the value, beginning with the one worth the lowest number of points. The difference now is that the balls are not returned to the table. Whoever has the highest number of points from potting the balls once the final ball has been potted successfully wins the frame under the rules of snooker.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the rules of snooker you can look at developing your skills through watching online videos and using online tutorials. You will find that these tutorials are also able to provide a wider overview of the rules of snooker so that you are able to learn exactly how to play the game. It is important not to get the game of snooker mixed up with pool in terms of the rules, as the rules do differ even though they are both cue sports.