A Miracle Or an Incredible Coincidence on a Highway in the Dominican Republic

A wonder is depicted as an impact or remarkable occasion in the actual world that outperforms all known human or innate powers and is credited to an otherworldly reason. A happenstance, then again, is a striking event of at least two occasions all at once evidently by simple possibility.

How can you say whether a wonder has happened in your life, and it was not “one big chance to shine!” which inclines toward the lucky? Allow me to make sense of what occurred toward the beginning of April 2009, and maybe you will comprehend the reason why I am persuaded that a supernatural occurrence happened in the ‘wink of an eye.’

I was driving on an expressway in the Dominican a course in miracles Republic at around nine PM. My chief, his colleague and I were going from the city of Santiago to Puerto Plata. At the point when it isn’t pouring, I can make the drive in 90 minutes all things considered. On this specific night there was a consistent sprinkle, and the windshield wipers on our rental vehicle were exhausted and ineffectual.

The most intriguing piece of heading out to the Dominican Republic is individuals, and the weather conditions is astonishing when it isn’t coming down, that is! There is a steady breeze from the sea which penetrates the whole island with the scent of outlandish plants, ready organic products, and blossoms in full sprout. Individuals are cordial and exceptionally agreeable.

We had gone through the whole day in Santo Domingo, and we were returning. I halted in Santiago for gas and espresso. I was prepared for the following leg of driving, and night had set in. At the point when you are on the open expressway, perceivability is insignificant. In the event that your rental vehicle has unfortunate headlights and broken down windshield wipers, similar to our own had, you can cause problems. Starting from the beginning of the lengthy drive from Santo Domingo prior at night, I likewise needed to save tight control of the vehicle for it tended to go to the left-significance, the vehicle was likewise twisted to add to my hopelessness.